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Zirconium corundum mullite brick

Chemical composition(wt%) Al2O3 ZrO2 SiO2

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Zirconium corundum mullite brick


Refractory material



Zirconium corundum mullite bricks are currently mainly used in sulfur recovery devices and natural gas purification devices. Compared with the previously used corundum bricks, corundum mullite bricks and chromium corundum bricks, they have the advantages of good thermal shock resistance, high operating temperature and good chemical stability. This product has been widely used in Sinopec Group Puguang Natural Gas Branch and has been well received by users.

indicator Zirconium corundum mullite brick
Chemical composition(wt%) Al2O3 ≥87
ZrO2 ≥6
SiO2 ≤4
bulk density(kg/m3 ≥3000
apparent porosity(%) ≤18
room temperature compressive strength(MPa) ≥100
Load softening temperature(℃) 0.2MPa,0.6% >1700
Reburning line change(%) 1600℃×3h ±0.2
Thermal shock stability(次) 1100℃×20min,water cooling ≥30


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