Work dynamics of China Refractories Industry Association

Dec 06,2013

1. The industry credit rating evaluation work is progressing smoothly

Carrying out industry credit rating evaluation is an important measure to implement the scientific concept of development, enhance industry credit awareness, standardize industry market order, establish a good market environment for honest management, and ensure the healthy development of the industry. Since March 15, 2011, issued the "Notice on Carrying out Credit Evaluation Work in the Refractory Industry" of Document No. 5 of China Nai Association (2011), this work has received positive responses from the majority of member units and industry enterprises. Sinosteel Refractory Company, Sinosteel Luonaiyuan, Haicheng Houying, Tangshan Shichuang, Tongda Refractory and other vice-chairperson units, Zhejiang Zili, Henan Chunsheng, Zhengzhou Zhendong and other executive director units, and Shandong Wanqiao and dozens of enterprises have submitted applications to the association. Evaluation application form, Zhengzhou Zhendong Company has completed the preparation of the required materials for declaration. There are also some non-member companies that have also put forward requirements to participate in the industry credit rating evaluation, and are actively going through the relevant procedures according to the "first entry, then registration" procedure.

The registration deadline for applying to participate in the industry credit rating evaluation is May 31, 2011. It is hoped that all member companies, especially the directors, executive directors and chairperson units of the association, will voluntarily register within the limited time and carefully prepare the required materials for declaration.

2. The association conscientiously organizes the research on the topic "Policy Measures to Promote the Upgrading of Refractory Industrial Structure"

According to the "Interim Measures for the Management of Industrial Policy Issues Entrusted by Industry Associations" of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the China Refractories Association undertook the research project "Research on Policies and Measures to Promote the Upgrading of Refractory Industrial Structure" managed by the MIIT Industrial Policy Department. In order to ensure the progress of the research work and the quality of the project, on the basis of inquiring data, collecting information, and earnestly making advance preparations, the association organized and held the first plenary meeting of the research research group on March 1, 2011. Under the auspices of the executive vice president, the leaders of the key backbone enterprises, the heads of scientific research institutes and industry experts who participated in the meeting, according to the requirements of MIIT, combined with the actual situation of the industry, determined the framework structure of the research report after heated and serious discussions., the division of sections and the key content of each part, and also clarified the decomposed research project responsible units and responsible persons. At present, the research work of each responsible unit is advancing according to the schedule. It is expected that the drafting, editing and writing of the research report will start in late May.

3. MIIT Raw Materials Division entrusts the association to carry out research on the development ideas of refractory raw materials

In order to further implement the spirit of the document "Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Taking Comprehensive Measures to Control the Mining and Production of Refractory (High Aluminum) Clay" (Guo Ban Fa [2010] No. 1), the Department of Raw Materials Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is formulating "In the process of the" Administrative Measures for the Access Announcement of the Refractory (High Aluminum) Clay Industry ", it sent letters to the China Refractory Industry Association on March 2 and March 31, 2011, entrusting the association to organize the development of refractory (High Aluminum) clay, magnesite and refractory industry development ideas. After accepting the entrustment, the association has communicated with relevant local associations, and plans to organize industry experts to conduct special discussions and complete research tasks on the basis of collecting information and understanding the situation in the early stage.

4. The preparations for the China International Conference on Refractory Production and Application are being carried out in an orderly manner

The "China International Conference on Refractory Production and Application" co-hosted by China Refractory Industry Association and China Iron and Steel Association will be held at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou on May 11-12, 2011. The preparatory work for the conference, undertaken by the Metallurgical Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, is being carried out in an intense and orderly manner. As of April 18, nearly 200 representatives of domestic and foreign steel enterprises and refractory enterprises have signed up to participate in the conference. Among them, there are nearly 40 representatives of foreign refractory enterprises, experts and scholars. The printing of conference proceedings and related materials has begun.

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