Development of refractories in China

Feb 06,2013

Refractories in ancient, medieval, and Renaissance times, refractories for blast furnaces, coke ovens, and hot blast stoves before and after the Industrial Revolution, new refractories and their manufacturing processes in the late modern period, modern refractory manufacturing technology and major technological advances, as well as prospects for the future development of refractories, refractories and high temperature technology appeared together, roughly originating in the middle of the Bronze Age. During the Eastern Han Dynasty in China, clay refractories were used as kiln materials and saggers for porcelain burning. At the beginning of the 20th century, refractories developed in the direction of high-purity, high-density and ultra-high temperature products, and at the same time, amorphous refractories and refractory fibers appeared that did not need to be fired at all and had low energy consumption. In modern times, with the development of atomic energy technology, space technology and new energy technology, it has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal vibration resistance and fire resistance.

Refractories with comprehensive and excellent properties such as refractory initialize have been applied. There are many factories producing refractory products in China. China has abundant resources, and it is for this reason that major foreign investors have also come to China to show their skills and show off. In the northeastern part of China, it is an extremely abundant area of refractory suppliers, which has led other foreign investors to question its low export prices. In 2003, the European Union proposed an anti-dumping of new Chinese refractory products, restricting the export of products to the European Union. In 2006, in order to protect the massive loss of raw material resources, China exempted and exempted some industries from product tax rebates, which greatly restricted the export of products. But this does not greatly limit the sales of some foreign brands, because they have decades or even hundreds of years of sales and production experience, and have greatly occupied the market and created their brand effect on various continents.

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