The impact of the emergence of new refractory materials on normalizing furnace enterprises

Jan 25,2013

The biggest features of new refractory materials, low bulk density and low heat capacity, greatly shorten the heating and cooling time of the kiln; low thermal conductivity, effectively saving the fuel cost in the furnace; good thermal shock resistance; anti-airflow initializing; good mechanical strength; built-in metal anchors, good safety performance; easy installation, etc.; mainly used in heating furnaces, continuous annealing furnaces, kiln cars, ladle covers, etc. in iron and steel enterprises, as well as annealing furnaces for heat treatment, normalizing furnaces, tempering furnaces, soaking furnaces, etc.

Compared with traditional refractories, the energy-saving effect of the new energy-saving refractory can save at least 20% -30%. Although the one-time sales price of this new type of refractory is higher than that of traditional refractory materials, its maintenance cost is very low. According to statistics, using this energy-saving, environmentally friendly and efficient refractory material, the temperature difference in the furnace is only about ± 5%, while the temperature difference of traditional refractory materials reaches ± 10% -30%, and its maintenance cost is only about half of the traditional refractory material. Therefore, from the perspective of comprehensive economic benefits, the new energy-saving refractories are much higher than traditional products, which is the long-lived, energy-saving and non-polluting "green refractories" expected by the steel industry today.

This new type of energy-saving and high-efficiency refractory material has a broad market in China and has a very broad prospect. According to a survey on the application of refractory materials in domestic iron and steel enterprises, so far, more than half of the iron and steel enterprises in China continue to use medium and low-end refractory products, while many foreign steel mills have adopted energy-saving, high-efficiency and environmentally friendly "green refractories". Therefore, the high energy consumption, poor environmental protection and high cost of Chinese iron and steel enterprises are inseparable from the application of this low-end refractory material.

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