Bulk refractories are also called amorphous refractories

Oct 21,2011

Bulk refractories (amorphous refractories): Amorphous refractories are refractories that are composed of reasonably graded granular and powdery materials and binders and are directly used without forming and firing. Usually, the granular materials that make up this material are called bone materials, the powdery materials are called admixtures, and the binders are called binders. This type of material has no fixed shape and can be made into slurry, mud paste and loose, so it is also commonly known as bulk refractories. This refractory can be used to form a whole structure without joints, so it is also called a whole refractory.

The basic composition of amorphous refractories is granular and powdery refractories. According to its use requirements, it can be made of various materials. In order to combine these refractories into a whole, except in very few special cases, appropriate varieties and quantities of binders are generally added. In order to improve its plasticity or reduce water consumption, a small amount of appropriate plasticizer and water reducer can be added, and a small amount of appropriate other admixtures can be added separately to meet other special requirements.

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