How to choose a reasonable firing process

Oct 10,2013

How to choose a reasonable firing process is the way to save energy and reduce consumption

There are many sintering processes in the production of sintered bricks in kilns. When choosing the sintering process, it is also one of the favorable ways to reflect energy saving and consumption reduction. For example, in the one-time code sintering process, internal combustion fired bricks are used. When determining the one-time code sintering process, according to the different raw materials and the structural characteristics of the kiln, there are many articles to be done on the mixing of internal combustion. For example, we choose a modern advanced kiln to fire certain raw materials and specific products, and each kilogram of products requires 300Kcal heat to complete the sintering process. Another kind of sintering process adopts other kiln types, and the sintering process can only be completed if the heat per kilogram of the product is 400-500Kcal. Then the difference between the heat per kilogram of the product is 100-200Kcal. A brick factory with an annual output of 60 million blocks saves 4500t of standard coal every year. Calculated at 450 yuan per ton, it can save more than 2 million yuan in fuel costs every year. In the internal combustion mixing formula, we must achieve uniform dosage. One cannot be too miserable, and the other cannot be mixed less. Excessive dosage is prone to excessive sintering temperature and waste of pyrogen. If the temperature of the kiln does not rise, it is easy to produce raw bricks, the temperature is not enough, and the product quality is low, then the internal combustion mixing we have mastered should be finely processed to ensure that the raw materials are mixed evenly, so as to achieve the desired effect.

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